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Hiring process

We have a high bar, but also aim to cooperate with our candidates. We can hire a candidate in as little as 2 days if both parties agree on the demands.

1 day
CV review and telephone interview with an HR

The HR reviews your CV and clarifies if your experience meets our requirements. If so, they conduct an introductory call.

1 day
Interview with a hiring-manager

This step involves an online meeting with the future manager and colleagues. You'll have a chance to get familiar with the team, learn more about working processes and potential career development. The meeting will take from 1 to 2 hours.

2-3 days
Test task (optional)

The test task is a way of making sure our views regarding future working tasks are similar. The test task will take about 2-5 working hours on average. However, we give you 3-5 days to complete it at your leisure.

1-2 days
Recommendations and bar-raising

We consolidate recommendations from your previous workplaces and move to the final stage — meeting the СЕО of OBRIO, and bar-raising. It is similar to the first interview but focuses more on your soft skills and values.

0 days

We send an offer to the candidate that best suits the vacancy requirements and shares OBRIO values.

Do you know anyone with the knowledge and skills we are looking for?

Don’t hesitate and recommend us to your friends. It’s a win-win.

Your friend gets career opportunities, we fill our position, you get a reward. As soon as your friend successfully finishes probation that lasts 3 months, you get from 5,000 to 30,000 UAH

  • it depends on the position and candidate’s professional level.

Solomia Dmytruk
Talent Acquisition Manager