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We are OBRIO

We create our own products with one goal in mind, to be the best in our niche. "Just good" is never enough for us and we believe that our opportunities are limited by our ambitions only. Our drive to gain more and be better is why we succeed. We are proud of each team member and of the results which we manage to achieve together.

Where is our team from?

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Our history


The OBRIO company was created as part of the Genesis business ecosystem

Our team of 8 burning minds desperately longed to create a useful product for the global market. It was with this inspiration in mind that we started working on Nebula. Back then, Alex Fedorov took the lead on the company. By that time, he had been working for three years overseeing other Genesis products and had expertise in leading positions from the Big Four companies.


On May 1, the company released the MVP version of Nebula for iOS

The date coincided with the birthday of Serhii Matvieiev, who is not only the head of our Mobile direction, but also the person who has been working on Nebula since the times it existed only in the plans.


Nebula became the most downloaded astrology app in the USA

The qualitative product and effective marketing allowed us to surpass our competitors. By that time, we had already become the №1 app of the day in the Lifestyle category in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and France.


We released the Android version of the Nebula app


The establishment of the web department

After receiving multiple requests for online consultations from Nebula users, we decided to look for a new solution in the form of AskNebula – the web platform for consultations with astrologers and other experts. Max Lukominskyi leads this division of our team. He has previous experience as the marketing director in several companies and successful practice in launching two Kickstarter companies.


Nebula becomes the most downloaded astrology app globally


We combine more than 120 talented professionals

We create valuable products that enhance the lives of millions of people globally. Together, we are planning to expand our business and getting ready for our legendary trip to Mexico.


We believe in the victory of Ukraine, we are proud of our army and support our soldiers 🇺🇦

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, we have transferred ₴ 1.5 million to the “Come Back Alive” foundation. We are looking for and purchasing bulletproof vests and necessary protection for our military abroad. Every month we transfer 3% of our first payments to the Genesis for Ukraine charity fund. Also, we involve foreigners in fundraising.

We help with relocation to safe places and search for housing, advise on legal stay abroad, and support Ukrainians in other countries.

We continue to attract talented people to the team who develop cool products and work for the successful future of independent Ukraine

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Let's create successful story together!